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4 Times to Invest in a Video Inspection of a Building’s Pipes

4 Times to Invest in a Video Inspection of a Building’s Pipes

Pipeline video inspections can save you money.  Whether you are trying to resolve a problem or looking to make an investment in a building, a video inspection can give you the best data to make profitable decisions.

A pipeline video inspection is not always necessary, but here are four occasions where it could benefit you.

1.   Recurring line stoppages or a difficult to clear stoppage.

debris clog in pipes - pipeline video inspectionWhen experiencing problems in your pipelines, a video inspection can help to identify the underlying problem, its severity, and the location.

Possible problems:

    • Clogs in the pipe
    • Root infiltration
    • Cracks in the pipe
    • Breaks in the pipe
    • Collapsed pipe


root infiltration - pipeline video inspection

Identifying the severity of the problem will help to determine the correct fix and how quickly it needs to happen.  Some problems can  be fixed quickly and inexpensively, while others may be more costly or require more planning.  Sometimes a quick temporary fix can be made until a more permanent fix can be approved.  A look inside the pipe with a video inspection camera can make the problem more clear and allow a licensed plumber to present all of the possible options for resolving the problem.


The video cameras sent into the pipes have locators attached to them.  This helps to give a more precise location of the problem, taking the guess work out of the equation.

2.   Pre-Construction Inspection.

cracks in pipe - pipeline video inspectionWhen you are planning to invest in a remodeling project it is a good idea to look at the current condition of the pipes to ensure they will work with the new plan.  A video inspection will give a good indication if the current pipe system should be worked into the design or whether they need to be replaced.  An inspection can also help identify where new connections can be made to meet new plan specifications.  To truly evaluate the current condition of the pipes, the lines may need to be cleaned so the pipe condition is visible in the video.

construction debris - pipeline video inspection3.   Post Construction Inspection.

A post construction inspection should be performed to make sure all pipes are ready to be used.   Construction debris, including bricks and cement, can get into the pipelines.  If this debris is not cleared before the building is up and running, it could cause major problems very quickly.

cracks - pipeline video inspection

4.   Pre-Investment Inspection.

Before purchasing a new property, invest in  a video inspection of the pipes to determine their condition.  Old pipes, cracked pipes, or even collapsed pipes will lead to costly problems.


When you have a better idea of what is going on in the pipelines of the building, you can make more informed decisions on how to proceed to with your plan.  For a free estimate for a pipeline video inspection in a building in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia, contact W. L. Gary Company’s qualified team of investigators.

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