5 Signs Drain Cleaning May Be Necessary

5 Signs Drain Cleaning May Be Necessary

Most of the time, waste is washed down our drains effortlessly, but occasionally problems arise.  Over time, waste can begin to buildup in our drains which causes clogs and, eventually, messy backups.  Drain cleaning is important to keep these drain lines working properly.

There are several clear signs that your drain line should be cleaned:

Slow Draining sink or shower - a sign drain cleaning may be necessary

1. Slow draining.

If a drain in a sink or shower is draining slowly, this is your first sign that your drain may become completely backed up. Clearing your drain when this warning sign occurs can help prevent larger messes in the future.


stopped up drain - a sign drain cleaning may be necessary2. Stopped up drains.

If water seems unable to drain at all, it’s likely the drain line is clogged.  Sometimes these clogs can be removed quickly, while others may take a little more time and effort.


high water/overflowing toilet - a sign drain cleaning may be necessary3. Overflowing toilet.

If the water in the toilet is running high or overflows completely, there could be a clog in the drain line of your toilet.  While a plunger may be able to relieve the problem, a recurring clog could be indicative of a larger problem in the drain line.


water flowing wrong way; drains backing up - a sign drain cleaning may be necessary4. Water/Sewage backing up into drain.

If water or sewage starts backing up into any of your drains, there is most likely a blockage in the line.


foul smell coming from drain - a sign drain cleaning may be necessary5. Unpleasant odor from drain.

If you begin to smell a sewage type stench, your drain lines could be dirty, preventing the p-trap in your drain from working properly.  A trap is a plumbing apparatus at each of your drains, which helps block the sewage smell from entering your building.  If the trap or line is dirty, it could prevent the trap from working properly, which causes an unpleasant odor.  A good cleaning could fix this problem.  Note: Another reason for the smell may be that the trap is dry, specifically in a drain that is not used very often.  This drain may only need water poured down it to fix the problem.

The best way to prevent clogs and backups is to be cautious about what you put down your sinks and toilets.

If you encounter one of these signs in your building in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia, contact W. L. Gary Company’s trained and highly skilled team of plumbers to help clean your drain lines.

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