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Since the late 1800s, W. L. Gary Company has been providing quality mechanical services throughout the DC metropolitan area. We are committed to providing solutions for our clients, opportunity for our partners, and support for our community.

The Gary Culture

To Provide solutions for our clients, opportunity for our partners, and support for our communityW. L. Gary Company strives to be the preferred provider of value-added, full service mechanical solutions for our growing family of clients while giving opportunity for growth and prosperity to our current and future partners all in a manner that enhances our community.

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Gary’s Qualifications

Licensed to work in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, W. L. Gary Company, Inc. is named as a Certified Business Enterprise in DC. Our licensed Journeymen and women and Master Mechanics are certified in a wide array of plumbing and HVAC specialties.

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Gary’s Deep Roots

Walker Gary in front of W. L. Gary Co. storefrontA hundred and twenty years ago, a local Washingtonian tinner, Walker Littlebury Gary, began a plumbing, heating, and roofing business. Walker’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to incorporate his business in 1923, W. L. Gary Company, Inc.  Although the name our customers know us by has changed a little over the years the essence of W. L. Gary Company has remained the same.

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The Local Buzz about Gary

“W. L. Gary always provides the highest level of quality for design installations.  Their commitment to work in collaboration with the design team during construction to resolve issues ensures successful projects for building operators and owners.”

Lucas Hoffmann, PE, LEED AP, Project Manager
Potomac Energy Group, Inc.

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The Gary Family

Pernell using video screen for pole cameraWhen you join a company that has been established for over a hundred years, you become part of something bigger than a business, you become part of a family, a legacy.  We at W. L. Gary Company are indeed a family and therefore it is no surprise that we have many employees who have been with the company for over 15 years.  Our employees, new and seasoned, are committed to learning, teaching, and developing all to better serve you.

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Gary’s Extended Family

W. L. Gary Company is committed to making a difference in our community, both locally and globally.  We partner with a number of organizations, donating our time, talents, and other resources.

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Gary’s  Groups

Gary Company's Affiliate organizationsW. L. Gary Company is involved in several top mechanical associations that aid us in staying informed on current industry standards and technology to continually provide our customers with top quality service.

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Gary’s Pledge to Safety

Safety is not just an idea – it is an action.  At W. L. Gary Company, we promote safety as a constant action to be taken by all levels of employees.

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Energy Savings - Refrigeration

Proper Defrost Settings - iced evaporator coils in refrigerator

Proper Defrost Settings

While you want to avoid icing up your evaporator coils, you don’t want to set your defrost setting to run too long or too often because that wastes energy.  Set your refrigerator’s and freezer’s defrost settings to the manufacturer recommended settings to keep them running productively and efficiently, saving you money.

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90 years of incorporation

W. L. Gary Celebrates 90 Years of Incorporation

On April 7, 1923, Walker Littlebury Gary incorporated his almost 25 year old plumbing, heating, and tinning business, W. L. Gary Company, Inc.  Walker certainly had a vision for his company, which he presumably wished to grow as a means to support his family, his employees, and his community.  But, could he ever have imagined…

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