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W. L. Gary Company's mission, vision, and values of providing for clients, partners, and community through dedication to family, integrity, and quality have been ingrained in the culture of the company throughout the past century.


W. L. Gary Company, Inc.’s mission is to provide solutions for our clients in support of their goals through offering a complete line of mechanical services and construction capabilities based on integrity, high quality workmanship and innovation and to provide these solutions in a way that benefits our clients, community, and partners, including employees, vendors, and investors.  We pride ourselves in providing a professional, family oriented work environment that allows our employees the opportunity to succeed, grow and prosper while giving back to our community through our talents, time and resources.


We strive to be the preferred provider of value added full service solutions for our growing family of clients while giving opportunity for growth and prosperity to our current and future partners all in a manner that enhances our community.


Dedication to Family

Whether it is our individual families, our Gary Family of clients and associates, or our community family, we are dedicated to improving those families.  By focusing on our clients and listening to the complications they are facing, we are able to respond in a timely manner with a solution tailored to their specific problem.  By focusing on our associates and their safety and welfare, we have found that the quality and consistency of our product is second to none.  By providing opportunities for learning, growing and prospering for our associates, we have created added value for our clients.  By using the time, talent and resources of our individual families and our Gary family, we can reach out and assist our Community family both locally and around the world.


W. L. Gary’s commitment to integrity and customer service shined throughout meeting every request made, obviously a standard set at executive levels.

Dwayne Haines, Senior Superintendent
Forrester Construction Company

It is about trust.  We believe integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking.  Clients can trust that we give them the facts in a straightforward way, earning their trust through delivering the results we guaranteed.


W.L. Gary Co. has been our mechanical maintenance contractor for well over 12 years…So you can see if they were not FIRST CLASS and dependable I would not contract with them.

Bro. Paul A. Hoemeke, OMI, Special Projects Director
Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

By combining innovation and diversity in product and people, we are able to develop the best solutions possible.  We provide quality workmanship on our first visit to your site and throughout each visit that follows.  Many individuals and companies have recognized this quality and have decided to turn to us repeatedly to supply them with quality solutions throughout the years.

IAQ Monitoring

install or change batteries on carbon monoxide detector - prep for heating

Install Carbon Monoxide Detector

The silent killer, Carbon Monoxide (CO), is a colorless, odorless gas produced by fuel-burning machines, including many heating systems.  As heating season starts, install a new CO detector or change the batteries in the one you already have as a precaution to keep you safe.

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Service Success

Saving a Hotel Money with a Carefully Scheduled Repair

Key Characteristics: Performing a repair to alleviate the high costs produced by a leaking heat exchanger valve; Working with customer’s schedule to find the most opportune time for them; Planning ahead to perform task in set time frame Challenge: A local hotel was being plagued by a leaking heat exchanger valve.  Besides being a nuisance,…

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