Safety is not just an idea - it is an action. At W. L. Gary Company, we promote safety as a constant action to be taken by all levels of employees.

Safety is not just an idea – it is an action.  At W. L. Gary Company, we promote safety as a constant action to be taken by all levels of employees.  Safety while working has many effects, the first and foremost of which is keeping our partners unharmed. With safety integrated into our operations, the Gary team stays conscious of not only individual safety, but the safety of those around them.

W. L. Gary Company with the help of our full-time safety director, Roger Viens, runs a safety program to help ensure safety through awareness and procedures.  We provide the tools, both knowledge and physical, including protective equipment, to keep all partners safe.  Through on-going safety training to all personnel, including weekly safety toolbox meetings held on job sites, we keep our team aware and knowledgeable.  Our plumbing and HVAC foremen, with the help of our safety director, perform jobsite evaluations to help maintain a safe work environment for our partners.  Throughout all levels of the company all employees are encouraged to contact our safety director or upper management with any safety concern so that it can be addressed and a safe work environment can continue.

Since implementing our safety program, W. L. Gary Company has been able to greatly reduce our percentage of incidences.  We take pride in the recognition of our safety and health program through our certification as a MSCA STAR.  The value that we as a company and as individuals place on the safety of our team and those around us results in increased performance and a quality project.

2014 Most Improved Safety Award in Construction

W. L. Gary Company recieves 2014 Most Improved Safety Award

W. L. Gary Company, Inc. was recognized by the Chesapeake Region Safety Council for the company whose Incidence Rate improved the most, on a percentage basis, every year for three years beginning with 2011.  Congratulations and thank you to our whole team, especially our safety manager, Roger Viens.


Roger Viens

Roger Viens

Safety Director

OSHA 500 certified
First aid/CPR certified
Forklift TTT
Aerial work platform TTT
Lead certified
Confined Space certified
Driver Training certified
Scaffold certified



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Clean all leaves, grass, and other debris away from outdoor AC unit in order to promote proper airflow and maintain efficiency.  This is critical to keep an eye on during the growing season to prevent grass and weeds from blocking air flow.

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