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“On behalf of the University of Maryland and students of Prince Fredrick Hall I wanted to personally thank you and your response during the last week of August. To pull together the piping material and electrical details, materials and installation was impressive.  The professionalism and craftsmanship of Tommy Lago and your employees and subcontractors is greatly appreciated.  As with many of the things we do in facilities, it will not get a brass placard that commemorates the effort, but without it, hundreds of students and their families would have greatly inconvenienced.”

John Fratangelo, Assistant Director Facility Performance
University of Maryland

“The entire W. L. Gary team has provided excellent construction services for projects at the University, including the installation of a 1000 ton Replacement Chiller in the Central Plant at the Van Ness Campus.  The project managers and staff have been consistently excellent in response to UDC’s needs during the project.  Their manner in dealing with people is professional and pleasant, and they effectively deal with various stakeholders and team members to everyone’s satisfaction while keeping with the Scope of Work.

I would highly recommend the W. L. Gary team for any future work at the University or for any other client.”

Alex Garrett, Capital Project Manager
University of the District of Columbia

“I just want to let you know that LJ has done a great job in doing the PM [preventative maintenance] and assisting us with some issues that arose while he was here. We appreciate his dedication and effort to deliver the quality of work that we expect. LJ is very respectful and communicative; we are happy to have him as our preferred tech for this property.”

Josue Flores, SMA, Engineering Manager

“I wanted to take the time to reiterate what I have said to both Todd and Ralph about the outstanding work and extraordinary habits of Clint Outlaw and his crew on my jobsite located.

His performance in not only the manual work but also administrative have impressed not only myself but also the Clients for whom we are contracted with. His expertise has come in quite handy and he is excelling in coordinating his manpower, tools, and material while looking ahead into future planning.”

Kevin Meade, Superintendent
Milestone Construction Services, Inc.

“We are pleased to let you know of the professionalism exhibited by your Company and of Mr. Jerry Kackley and his 4 men while installing a domestic water booster pump and control package.  Simultaneously they installed an Ultra High-Efficiency gas-powered hot water heater.

We received 3 bids and they were not only the best price but provided the best installation services as well.”

Phillip H. Bates, RPA, CPM, Senior Property Manager
Stoladi Property Group

“I on behalf of C&R Management LLC just wanted to say thank you for the quick work you and your staff did for us earlier today and the wonderful work you have done for us in the past. The copper pipe off the booster pump started as 3 separate pin holes this morning and by this afternoon it had already opened up and started spraying. Danny got by very quick and did a great job fixing and cleaning; and most importantly averted a disaster.

It makes us feel great that we have a company that will take care of us in such emergencies.”

 Miral Ghimire
C&R Management LLC

“W.L. Gary always provides the highest level of quality for design installations.  Their commitment to work in collaboration with the design team during construction to resolve issues ensures successful projects for building operators and owners.”

Lucas Hoffmann, PE, LEED AP, Project Manager
Potomac Energy Group, Inc.

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the job W. L. Gary Company has done for Partner Construction on the above referenced project at Georgetown University completed this week.  The logistics and schedule for the East Campus Chiller Plant were extremely tight.  W. L. Gary’s foreman, Mike Mann, in my opinion made the project successful through pre-planning the new hydronic pipe routing and productive management of a good group of pipefitters.  Timely preparation of submitals and ordering equipment and materials by your Project Manger, Justin Carnes, allowed work in the field to progress in accordance with the project schedule and start-up went without issues.

I would recommend W. L. Gary Company for any of my upcoming mechanical projects and provide reference for their capabilities.”

James M. Showalter, Sr. Project Manager
Partner Construction

“I just wanted to let you know what a good job the crew did at keeping everything clean while they are working in our 2nd grade classrooms. We were very impressed. The crew, especially Matt, is very professional. They are all exceptionally polite and are willing to answer questions about where/what we need to move.”

Wenona Stark, Second Grade Team Leader
Jackson Road Elementary

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank W. L. Gary Company for their outstanding performance on the Hart Middle School Phase One Modernization Project.  The Phase One Modernization of Hart Middle School was the largest Phase One Modernization to date.  This, coupled with it’s extremely compressed schedule, made for an incredibly challenging project.

FCC is especially grateful for the efforts of Project Manager, Hans Allen and Foreman, Chris Wright and Scott Kellner.  This project offered numerous challenges; however they were always met with a “can do” attitude and handled with urgency.  In particular, your firm’s commitment to material procurement, quality work, and the District’s First Source and Workforce Incentive Programs was extremely commendable.  The hard work, professionalism, and dedication exhibited by your employees were an integral part to the overall success of the project.

We look forward to working with your staff on future projects for Forrester Construction Company.”

Shawn P. C. Poore, Project Manager
Forrester Construction Company

“I am writing this letter to say thanks for your help at the St. Elizabeth’s hospital project in particular your service manager Mr. Fred Lago for changing his schedule to help me.

Also I need to thank Mr. Ed Flowers for his help & advice with all of the work he is performing at the jobsite. Your quick response regarding the kitchen grease trap snake & camera work has been a great help to me in figuring out what the situation is.  Your field team on the job consisting of Mr. Flowers & Mr. Bond have been professional, courteous, & a credit to your company.

I never hesitate when asked for who to call for the best service contractor to use the Gary Company name.”

Mike Bell, Plumbing Foreman
John J. Kirlin, Inc

“I am writing this e-mail to express my highest appreciation for a superb performance that W L Gary has had so far during the GTNL project. In particular I continue to be impressed with the level of competency and care for the owner of W L Gary Project Manager Stewart Shoemaker. Stewart’s attention to details, his ability to be part of the solution and not the problem and his positive attitude should be mentioned as well.

As someone who is not shy of expressing his feeling about some contractors/or individuals poor performance, I am not shy to make a point of W L Gary/Stewart’s high performance.”

Mac Naeemi, Project Manager
Smoot Construction

“The very first thing I noticed was that Shawn McMiIIan was absolutely on time for my 7:30am appointment last week. He was very professional and got to work on my water heater right away. He checked the obvious things first and when that did nothing he went on to the next level. He apologized that it might take a little longer and might be a little more expensive. Soon there after he discovered a vacuum problem that was confusing the vacuum switch and this is what was causing the unit to switch on and off so much.

It has been a real pleasure working with your company and I would be happy to make a recommendation in the future.”

Mike Girardi, Managing Director – Investment Officer
Girardi Wealth Management Group

“I just wanted to take a moment to express our thanks for a job well done at the Garfield Elementary School. You and your installation technicians have demonstrated the highest skill and professionalism during this entire project. We sincerely appreciate all of your attention to detail while installing this equipment and to keeping both my staff and the school staff informed with daily progress reports.

I hope the W.L. Gary Company will continue to bid on our future projects, and I look forward to working with you in future.

Once again, many thanks for a job well done.”

Thom Edwards, Mechanical Engineer
Fairfax County Public Schools

“Forrester Construction wants to extend incredible thanks to the W. L. Gary Company for a successful project that your team was instrumental in helping us achieve. The mechanical aspect of a project is the heart and soul of our buildings, silent when done well devastating when not. Your company has exceeded the highest plateau of expectations from start to finish. Your foreman / superintendent Hans Allen has been the rock solid hub which managed your on site operations, with Hans and W. L. Gary we always received true, honest answers to sometimes difficult questions helping us achieve our joint goal that in its self is worth more than we can possibly repay. Your sheet metal subcontractor ADJ was an excellent choice to partner with keeping our fast pace in the all important rough in stage. Your crew’s workmanship and safety were excellent maintaining our high standard.

W. L. Gary’s commitment to integrity and customer service shined throughout meeting every request made, obviously a standard set at executive levels. With your help we have succeeded in building the fastest public school in DC history. We can only hope to team up again in the future.

Again thank you & your team for a successful project at Walker Jones.”

Dwayne Haines, Senior Superintendent
Forrester Construction Company

“I called for an emergency plumber…they were able to identify the smell as methane gas, trace the lines and correct the problem before we had to dismiss the department again.

These gentlemen saved our company both a significant potential financial and production loss by quickly fixing this problem.

I would like to offer a heartfelt “THANKS” to all”

Millicent Neal, Director of Facilities
Chartered Health Plan

“I am writing to let you know how pleased we were with your employee Shawn McMillan and his work here at our school on Monday May 4th.

Mr. McMillan was here for a good part of the day on Monday. He was polite,communicative and pleasant throughout. It was a bit of a crazy afternoon for us as it was our “Grandparents Day.” We had a lot of visitors in the building right where Mr. McMillan needed to work. He was flexible and accommodating and dealt with our full house with good humor!

Thank you for providing such a pleasant worker to help us with our air handler. I commend Mr. McMillan and you. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.”

Brooke Carroll, Head of School
Seneca Academy/The Circle School

“W.L. Gary Co. has been our mechanical maintenance contractor for well over 12 years. They have been excellent. There has never been a time I have called them for an emergency service that I have had to wait; I have always had a qualified technician at the site the same day.

We presently have five “Pulse” furnaces with DX A/C and you know what a touchy unit they can be, but they keep them running and in first class shape.

This last year we added a new building with an 80 ton chiller and over 30 AHU’s, boilers and pumps and they do all the PM maintenance on these units also.

So you can see if they were not FIRST CLASS and dependable I would not contract with them.”

Bro. Paul A. Hoemeke, OMI, Special Projects Director
Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

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