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Design Assist/Build

With our years of knowledge and experience, W. L. Gary Company can help you from the conception of your design, to the coordination, installation, and commissioning and turnover of your newly constructed or renovated space.

The ability to bring a project in on time and on budget is a source of pride at W. L. Gary Company. The best way for us to help you find the solution that meets your goals of completing your project on time and on budget while also meeting all end result expectations is through a design assist/build project.  We collaborate with the project team throughout the entire project from conception to commissioning and turnover to insure these goals are met without sacrificing the quality and maintainability of the final product for the end user. We are as adept at working with the engineer of record as we are reaching out to some of our own engineering partners to deliver time and again for our clients.

During the design phase, we are focused in our approach to ensure that we are meeting all of the client’s needs. When your mission is to build green, we can help you meet your LEED scorecard goals, qualify to receive ARRA funding for Green technologies, or create a Net Zero building.  We can help you calculate energy savings and the return of investment it creates.  We can work within your schedule deadlines, whether they are based on funding cut-offs or tenant occupation dates.  We can create the specified environment you need for your equipment or service to allow you to perform your job.  Furthermore we can help you with your commitment to Buy America, finding the right products manufactured here in the U.S.  Our client will not be disappointed, no matter the challenge.  At W. L. Gary Company, we have the solution.

Gary Company Design Assist/Build feature imageOver the years, W. L. Gary Company has built tremendous relationships with subcontractors and vendors of equipment and material. Our reputation in the mechanical contracting industry stands on its own. Through these relationships we are able to offer our customers the best value as well as the best product, provided by the area’s best mechanical journey workers, subcontractors, and vendors. At W. L. Gary Company, we partner with those who perform.

Construction Success

Stable and Energy Efficient Environment for Simulator

Key Characteristics: Design Assist; Stable environment; Temperature and humidity control critical; Rooftop unit with Heat recovery; Applying for LEED certification Challenge: When creating a building to house a flight simulator, numerous factors had to be taken into account.  The client was not only concerned about creating a stable environment for highly sophisticated computerized equipment, but…

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