The beginning steps of a project, when it is in the stages of narrative and conceptual design, are the most critical steps to establishing a successful project. W. L. Gary Company can help you determine the best plan for your mechanical systems through budgets, scheduling, and operational costs to have a successful project.

Many times in construction, projects are pre-destined for difficulties because the knowledge and input of an experienced installer is not sought during preconstruction. This is where W. L. Gary Company can be of the most assistance to an owner, general contractor, construction manager or engineer; at the very beginning.

W. L. Gary Company’s approach to pre-construction not only includes the standard cost estimating and value engineering but also goes beyond these steps to include constructability as well as schedule review and analysis of the project. We help you fit the design within the constraints of your project. We look for the right HVAC and plumbing system to fit within your building, budget, schedule, and operations. All projects are different.  Whether it is a renovation of a historical building, new construction with an aggressive schedule, an addition to an existing building, or a phased renovation while occupied, we can offer valuable input during the initial stages to guarantee a successful project.

Over the years, W. L. Gary Company has built tremendous relationships with subcontractors and vendors of equipment and material. Our reputation in the mechanical contracting industry stands on its own. Through these relationships we are able to offer our customers the best value as well as the best product, provided by the area’s best mechanical journey workers, subcontractors, and vendors. At W. L. Gary Company, we partner with those who perform.

Construction Success

Complete Boiler Replacement over the Summer

Key Characteristics: Design/Assist; Strict time table; Coordinating with another construction project on site; High Efficiency Boilers Challenge: The existing boilers at a local middle school were antiquated and inefficient.  These factors led to exponentially increasing energy costs for the school. In the past, to try to fix the problems they were having with their boilers…

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