Dog Days of Summer - Don't Create Heat - AC Appreciation

Don’t Create Extra Heat – Air Conditioning Appreciation Days

Don’t Create Extra Heat – Air Conditioning Appreciation Days

It is hot outside!  So why add unnecessary heat inside?  Try to avoid running large appliances, such as the oven, dishwasher, or dryer, during the hottest parts of the day.

Dog Days of Summer - Don't Create Heat, Oven - AC Appreciation: Do you have to do that now? those cookies aren't the only things baking in here

> When making meals in the afternoon or evening, consider opting for a cold meal, cooking on the grill, or using the microwave or crock pot rather than the oven.
> When it’s time to wash the dishes, make sure you are running a full dishwasher and postpone starting it until later at night or in the early morning.
> When it’s time to get those clothes clean, consider doing the laundry in the morning or later at night.  If you have outdoor space, consider washing your clothes in the morning and then hanging them on a line to dry.

Adjusting when and how you perform certain tasks around your home will cut down on adding extra heat, in turn, cutting down on your AC’s cooling load.  Furthermore, these changes will also cut down on your electricity use.

There are higher demands throughout the summer for electricity and some utility companies are trying to reward their customers for cutting down on their electricity use during peak times.  Pepco is offering its Maryland customers Peak Energy Savings Credits on certain days and BGE has Smart Energy Rewards.  Both of these programs give credit back to their customers when the customer is able to cut down on their average electricity use on certain days during a set timeframe.  Reducing or changing the time of day you use your large appliances is a great start in cutting down electricity and in cutting down how hard your air conditioner has to work.

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