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Through planned maintenance, revamping & replacing old equipment, repairing leaks, and more, W. L. Gary Company has been working hard to save our customers energy and money for over 100 years.

Today our customers are faced with the challenge of reducing their operating costs while increasing efficiency and maintaining or improving comfort for their tenants and clients.  They are faced with mounting pressure from the local and federal government for green/sustainable buildings and increasing demands from tenants in this competitive leasing market.   While these demands push for change, the obstacle of tight capital budgets with little to no money for large capital improvements produces a major challenge.

W. L. Gary Company, recognized as a MSCA GreenSTAR, is focused on providing high quality solutions at the best value for our customers.  We have and continue to help them overcome these challenges, successfully reducing energy use within budget, while keeping tenants and clients happy and comfortable.

Beyond Planned Maintenance

Our approach to energy services focuses on lowering your energy costs by identifying how your building consumes energy and where energy is being wasted.  By understanding this, we can work together to create an action plan that will immediately reduce your energy costs.

Through Energy Benchmarking we can determine your Energy Star (EStar) rating and assess some preliminary no cost/low cost recommendations to add to your planned maintenance routine. Gary Company can further conduct an energy audit on your building to better determine renovations that would have a higher ROI based on energy savings.  We will be with you every step of the way to help you determine the best solution and help you implement it to reach your desired EStar rating.

Keeping Track of your Energy

As we’ve all heard:  You can’t manage what you don’t measure! W. L. Gary Company can help you do both.

By using EnergyPrint, an online energy management dashboard that is linked to Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager Tool, we are able to help you understand your building’s energy and water use as it relates to similar buildings and your past performance.

EnergyPrint will help you answer the following questions that are imperative to understanding and properly managing your energy.

  1. How is my building doing?
  2. Is my energy use getting better or worse?
  3. Where are my opportunities for energy savings?
  4. Have my past energy improvements paid off?

By making a small investment with us in this service, we will help you monitor and manage your energy more efficiently and save you time, while saving your building energy and money.

Check out the Four A’s to Energy Efficiency and learn more about EnergyPrint

Retrofits, Upgrades, and Replacements

Save-25-50-percent-on-HVAC-Energy-with-CATALYST,-a-proven-RTU-RetrofitBy properly measuring and managing your energy use, it’s easier to determine what aspects of your building can be improved to increase your building’s efficiency.

W. L. Gary Company has the capability to help you determine the cost of energy savings projects, including the Return on Investment reports coinciding with the projects.  With our many years of experience in the industry, we are able to recommend which equipment or fixtures would be the best solution for your situation.

If you’ve already determined a plan for retrofits or replacements to improve your efficiency, call us and our skilled technicians can install your new equipment.  We are experienced in retrofitting existing equipment, replacing any size HVAC equipment, and installing low flow fixtures.

Green Building with the Gary Team

W. L. Gary Company’s construction team has years of experience constructing mechanical and plumbing systems in LEED Rated buildings.  General contractors and building owners have relied on us to be an integral part of their team during all stages of the building process.  From making the front end decisions on a Green Design Assist/Build project to carrying out the project specifications to help building owners achieve their desired LEED rating, we have proved our value as part of a construction team in any set of circumstances.
Check out some of our LEED projects

By involving the Gary team throughout your building’s life cycle, you’re ensuring that the end result will be a quality Green or LEED product that can then be maintained by our quality service mechanics to keep it that way.


Decentralizing the Heating System for Efficiency

Key Characteristics: Decentralizing heating system; Retrofit; Occupied space; High efficiency boilers Challenge: In Emmittsburg, MD, FEMA’s campus of approximately eight buildings was being heated by one centralized steam system.  At one time this campus was part of a larger complex in which even more buildings were heated from the same source.  When these eight buildings…

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New VFD booster pump to replace old booster pump to save energy

Saving Energy with a New VFD Booster Pump System

Key Characteristics: VFD booster pump; Saving Energy; Saving Money Challenge: A local building owner had a 25 year old booster pump system.  It ran all the time causing high energy costs.  Lead time to get parts to repair the pump was three to four weeks long and the cost was quite high. Solution: Not only…

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