Sealing off workspace

A Permanent Solution During Operational Hours

A Permanent Solution During Operational Hours

Key Characteristics:

  • broken sewer line under the floorProblem drains and sewer line;
  • Providing solution while not disrupting business;
  • Video inspection


A local hotel was having problems with drains and a sewer line in their kitchen.  Although another company had been providing maintenance for the drains, the hotel needed a permanent solution without loss of business.


Digging up and replacing sewer lineW. L. Gary Company offered our services.  First, we evaluated the situation.  Using a closed circuit TV (CCTV) push camera, we were able to identify the reason for the recurring problems with the sewer line; not only was the pipe broken in several places but it had collapsed.  Second, we showed the hotel engineer and staff the video footage and recommended the solution of digging up and replacing the line.  Finally, with approval, we got started with the work.

Sealing off workspaceW. L. Gary Company needed to perform the work while the hotel remained open for business.  The pipe that needed to be replaced was located beneath a concrete floor and near the ovens, a walk in fridge, dish washing equipment, food that was being prepared, kitchen staff, and even close to the restaurant patrons.  The only solution was to do the work quickly and efficiently while protecting the surrounding areas.   We completely sealed off our work area maintaining the integrity of the kitchen’s stringent sanitary requirements.  To remove the concrete floor and replace the sewer line we used smaller equipment and hand tools, which although are more time consuming, maintained a quieter atmosphere for the hotel’s guests and staff.  The hotel was pleased with our solution that not only allowed them to continue business uninterrupted, but also provided a permanent fix to their problem.

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