Complete Boiler Replacement over the Summer

Complete Boiler Replacement over the Summer

Key Characteristics:

  • Design/Assist;
  • Strict time table;
  • Coordinating with another construction project on site;
  • High Efficiency Boilers


Hart MS Before Renovation The existing boilers at a local middle school were antiquated and inefficient.  These factors led to exponentially increasing energy costs for the school. In the past, to try to fix the problems they were having with their boilers more expansion tanks were added in the ceiling.  While these fixes temporarily helped them, the excess equipment overcrowded the mechanical room.  The whole renovation of the boilers and mechanical room needed to be completed over the summer at the same time as another construction project at the school.


W. L. Gary Company worked with GES Solutions to design a boiler room to better fit the needs of the school.  The plan included the installation of three new high efficient boilers to feed the school.   By removing the excess equipment, we successfully gave the school much more space in the mechanical room.

W. L. Gary Company coordinated with the other construction project on site to allow both jobs to remain productive throughout the process.  The project was completed swiftly and accurately during the school’s summer break and ready for the students to return to in the fall.

The installation of these new high efficient AERCO boilers resulted in a neat and spacious mechanical room and a highly efficient system to maintain a comfortable learning environment.

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