Diverting Over 300 Gallons of Water to Clean Discharge Line

Diverting Over 300 Gallons of Water to Clean Discharge Line

Key Characteristics:

  • Hydrojetting;
  • Blockage in drain line;
  • Diverting hundreds of gallons of water


In a downtown DC garage, thick clay coated the discharge line from the sump pump to the street partially blocking the line.  A backup in the line or failure of the pump would cause major flooding in the lower levels of this garage.  Therefore, the discharge line needed to be taken apart to be jetted.  But how do you jet and clean the line when the pump is constantly expelling over 300 gallons of water per minute into it?

While a daunting task to some companies, W. L. Gary Company knew the job had to be accomplished, and we found a way to do just that.


Jerry Kackley, with a team of qualified Gary personnel, strategically formulated and executed a plan to clean the lines.  With the use of a temporary pump and discharge line, we were able to keep the constant flow of water moving toward the manhole rather than flooding the garage.  We were then able to partially disassemble the discharge line and jet it.  We then inspected the full line with our inspection camera to ensure the blockage was clear.

“This was a challenging and difficult job that required a lot of forethought and organization on your part to make it go smoothly, and it did go smoothly! You and your team worked very well together and your efforts showed what a professional organization W.L. Gary is and what can be accomplished with team work, diligence and quality equipment.”

Ed Augustine, Senior Chief Engineer
Akridge Company

W. L. Gary Company is now working with the client to reconfigure the current pump set up to try to reduce the amount of clay entering the pump and discharge line and to provide a safer, more effective method of maintaining the discharge line on an ongoing basis.

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