Keeping a Vocational School in Session During Renovation

Keeping a Vocational School in Session During Renovation

Key Characteristics:

  • Full occupancy during construction through swing space;
  • Student and faculty safety


Arlington Career Center was ready for a renovation, not only updating the look of the space with acoustical ceilings, but also upgrading the building’s mechanical systems.  With the building housing classrooms and a library to serve 1,100 students a day year round, there was no time to shut the school down for construction.


Working closely with Arlington Career Center and our subcontractors, W. L. Gary Company created a strategic plan and schedule to renovate the space while keeping school in session.  The building has been broken down into blocks so that the renovations can be done in sections.  While one block is being worked on, the students and faculty occupy a designated swing space.  W. L. Gary Company coordinates all the trades to complete all the upgrades in one section in a short time frame.  Once one section is complete, the students, faculty and staff can move back into their newly renovated space, allowing another group to move into the swing space and renovations to start again.

To keep faculty and staff safe during construction, all construction areas are blocked off.  When routing large piping and ductwork in the hallways, it is sectioned off to prevent any danger to students and faculty.  W. L. Gary Company took care to choose material, when possible, that could be fastened without having to weld or braze to prevent fumes in the building.  In an area that did need welding, we ensured there was a means to eliminate the fumes from the area, keeping the air quality in the building safe and comfortable for students and staff.

With a strategic plan that called for constant communication and coordination with all the contractors, as well as, the Arlington Career Center, W. L. Gary Company is able to produce a wonderfully renovated space, without any downtime for the faculty and students.

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