Saving a Hotel Money with a Carefully Scheduled Repair

Saving a Hotel Money with a Carefully Scheduled Repair

Key Characteristics:

  • Performing a repair to alleviate the high costs produced by a leaking heat exchanger valve;
  • Working with customer’s schedule to find the most opportune time for them;
  • Planning ahead to perform task in set time frame


A local hotel was being plagued by a leaking heat exchanger valve.  Besides being a nuisance, the leak was costing the hotel money for wasted water.  Furthermore, the leaky valve caused other equipment to have to work harder in turn causing more electric energy to be used.  To fix the problem, the water needed to be shut off, a potentially devastating challenge for a 24-7 customer service operation.


W. L. Gary Company worked with the hotel to find the most opportune time for them to have us fix the problem.  The hotel was having the fire system worked on and had to shut down the water for that service.  We were given that same time frame to conduct our repair.  This helped them to have two projects taken care of at the same time and prevented them from having to shut off the water twice.

To complete our task in the short 4 hour window, W. L. Gary Company made the necessary preparation and planning.  We assessed the situation determining how many leaks were in the system and which valves “would hold.”  The Gary Company technician, who was to perform the work, walked the mechanical room to make a material list, survey the space, confirm which valves would hold and ordered the material.  Our technician also developed a plan for prefabricating some of the material so that it would reduce our time at the site.

W. L. Gary Company successfully completed the repair in the 4 hour timeframe.  This solution saved the hotel time and money, while keeping the inconvenience to hotel guests limited.

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