Stable and Energy Efficient Environment for Simulator

Stable and Energy Efficient Environment for Simulator

Key Characteristics:

  • Design Assist;
  • Stable environment;
  • Temperature and humidity control critical;
  • Rooftop unit with Heat recovery;
  • Applying for LEED certification


When creating a building to house a flight simulator, numerous factors had to be taken into account.  The client was not only concerned about creating a stable environment for highly sophisticated computerized equipment, but also a comfortable environment for employees in the building all while being environmentally conscious.


Because of the sensitivity of the computerized simulator equipment to temperature and humidity, it was critical to find a system that could maintain both and still provide energy efficiency.  Working closely with the design team, W. L. Gary Company selected a rooftop unit with a heat recovery wheel.  This allowed us to meet the design criteria to have a self-contained, single unit.  We added a heat recovery wheel to create the energy savings and efficiency desired for the project.  The wheel also assisted in the control of humidity in the space.

The project will be applying for LEED Silver and the efficiency created by the selected system will help achieve that certification.  Faced with difficult design criteria for the space, W. L. Gary Company, Inc., the Equipment Manufacturer, and the design engineer worked closely with one another to overcome building issues to provide another successful project.

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