Video Inspection Discovers Source of Ongoing Sewage Stoppage

Video Inspection Discovers Source of Ongoing Sewage Stoppage

Key Characteristics:

  • Video inspection;
  • Ongoing sewage stoppage;
  • Minimal interference with building operation


A local hospital was having problems with a sewer stopping up.  The ongoing sewer stoppages caused complications in the operation of the hospital.  They needed a solution to not only clear the stoppage but to also fix the underlying problem, all while keeping the hospital in full operation.


W. L. Gary Company came in to address the problem at hand.  The first step was clearing the current sewage stoppage.  Then it was time for W. L. Gary Company to investigate and find the underlying problem that was causing the constant sewage stoppages.

W. L. Gary Company decided to use our video inspection cameras to investigate the condition of the pipe.  Our certified technician inserted a camera into the pipeline and pushed it through the pipe to get a live and recorded view of the pipe.  This technique eliminates the dig and check method that requires the obtrusive, messy, and expensive unearthing of the pipe through the floor to search for the problem.  Our video inspection camera can be inserted into an existing entrance into the pipe, such as a drain, to eliminate the need for investigative digging.  As the camera is pushed through the pipe, the tech is able to see the condition of the pipe and keep track of the distance from the point of entrance into the pipe.  When a problem area is found, the technician is able to identify the exact place that problem is.  The video inspection technique was unobtrusive to the operations of the hospital and resulted in the discovery of a broken sewer line.  W. L. Gary Company created and executed a plan to fix the sewer line to prevent the same stoppage problems in the future and restore the hospital to normal working conditions.

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