Buddy Greer recieving his 50 years of dedicated service award

Buddy Greer Dedicated Service

We recognize the dedicated service of our team through the William C. "Buddy" Greer Dedicated Service Award. This award is handed out each year in memory of Buddy Greer, our longest standing employee, who served W. L. Gary customers for 50 years. We recognize individuals hitting a milestone year of work at W. L. Gary Company.

William C. “Buddy” Greer Memorial Dedicated Service Award

The Dedicated Service Award has been established in memory of William C. “Buddy” Greer who dedicated 50 years of service to W. L. Gary Company, Inc.  Buddy started at W. L. Gary Company as an office assistant, answering the phones and typing, and grew with the company becoming the president and CEO.

Dedicated Service Awardees 2014This year we are celebrating the stellar dedicated service of 7 W. L. Gary team members. Ralph Seek and Brian Menefee moved into the Platinum Level for 30 years of service and Mahlet Zewde entered the Silver Level for 25 years of dedicated service.

Congratulations to Jerry Kackley and Thomas Lago, the most recent members of the Gary team to become part of the William C. “Buddy” Greer Memorial Dedicated Service Club for 15 years of service.

Congratulations also to Christopher Wright and Timothy Mattingly who received a certificate for 10 years of Dedicated Service.

Dedicated Service Award group 20142014 Service Award Recipients (left to right) Brian Menefee and Ralph Seek, Mahlet Zewde; Jerry Kackley, Christopher Wright – pictured with Brooke Greer, Michael Dent, and Randy Greer

Gold Level – 50 years of dedicated service

William C. “Buddy” Greer, 50 years, deceased

Ruby Level – 40 years of dedicated service

William T. Gary, 48 years, deceased
James A. Greer, 41 years, deceased
Thomas Hayden, 41 years, retired
James A. Ward, 41 years, deceased

Jade Level – 35 years of dedicated service

Brooke C. Greer, 39 years, current
John L. “Jack” Dwyer, 38 years, retired
Robert Reid, 37 years, retired
W. Randall Greer, 36 years, current 

Platinum Level – 30 years of dedicated service

William E. “Ed” Flowers, 34 years, current
John “Warren” Hayes, 33 years, retired
Douglas E. McPherson, 33 years, retired
Richard C. Temple, 32 years, retired
Robert Dempsey, 32 years, retired
Joseph R. Dent, 31 years, retired
Arthur J. Pavlovsky, 30 years, retired
Ralph C. Seek Jr., 30 years, current
William B. Menefee, 30 years, current 

Silver Level – 25 years of dedicated service

Michael W. Hayes, 28 years, current
Gerald A. Seaton, 26 years, retired
Marge Taylor, 26 years, retired
Angela R. Ware, 26 years, current
Mahlet Zewde, 25 years, current 

Bronze Level – 20 years of dedicated service

James G. Lauder, 23 years, retired
Ferdinand “Fred” Lago, 24 years, current
Walter A. Harrigan, 20 years, retired
Maurice F. Mattingly, 20 years
Michael A. Dent, 21 years, current
Corey L. Quade, 21 years, current

15 years of dedicated service

Willie L. Rogers, 19 years, retired
Robert G. Smith, 18 years, retired
John S. Roberts, 18 years, retired
Thomas H. Woloszyn, 17 years, deceased
Douglas J. Horning, 17 years
Gerald E. Robinson, 17 years, current
Andrew J. Blanch, Sr., 17 years, current
Jerry Kackley, 15 years, current
Thomas Lago, 15 years, current 


The above list reflects the years of service up to December 2013.  The list of awardees does not capture our entire history of employment.  The award was begun after the passing of William C. “Buddy” Greer in 1991.  Although we were able to recognize individuals who were part of this company before that time, due to the fire in 1968, we do not have full records of all employees and their service.

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