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Employment Opportunities

Engrained in the very mission of our company, the employees at W. L. Gary Company not only make this company what it is but they are also appreciated for their work and dedication. When you join this family owned, operated, and oriented company, you join a team that cares.

As stated in W. L. Gary Company’s mission, “We pride ourselves in providing a professional, family oriented work environment that allows our employees the opportunity to succeed, grow, and prosper while giving back to our community through our talents, time, and resources.”

With W. L. Gary Company being a family owned and operate company since its inception, family remains one of the most important focuses of the management team and company as a whole.  We promote a work environment that cultivates teamwork and encourages “can do” attitudes toward finding solutions for each task or project set before us. Each employee is considered a vital part of our team here and opportunities to grow and expand into other areas of the company are encouraged.

Learning as a TeamW. L. Gary Company is committed to providing opportunities for our partners.  Through continuing education programs from one-day seminars to further schooling, we wish to help our partners feel that they have the most up to date information and knowledge and are best equipped to work efficiently and skillfully. Fostering and nurturing skills is one of W. L. Gary Company’s top priorities for its employees. We are happy to provide continuing education to  our partners who give so much to make W. L. Gary Company a one of a kind place.

W. L. Gary Company is a union contractor.  To learn more about employment through our local union affiliates, please visit the following sites.

Washington D. C. Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 5

Washington D. C. Steamfitters Local 602

Gary Company Plumber Helps Bring a Little ‘Christmas in April’

On April 28, 2012 Lawren Thompson, a W. L. Gary Company, Inc. plumber, joined other volunteers in her community to repair homes on National Rebuilding Day with Christmas in April * St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Lawren spent both the rebuilding day and the following Saturday installing a full bathroom, kitchen faucet, and new toilet in…

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