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Greening the DC Area – Poop to Power, Measuring Energy Use

Greening the DC Area – Poop to Power, Measuring Energy Use

DC Water: Turning Waste into Power and Fertilizer

DC Water is installing a new system to transform our area’s wastewater into electricity to partially power their plant and produce Class A organic fertilizer.  The Norwegian system, Cambi, uses a process called thermal hydrolysis to achieve these goals.  DC Water will reduce its Pepco bill by about one third, about $10 million a year, and will reduce cost of transporting treated waste after the process.  DC Water customers could see savings in their monthly bills since a large portion of the cost of the wastewater fee charged is for electricity.

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Check out this awesome infographic to see the process.


Montgomery County: First County to institute Energy Benchmarking

Montgomery County is leading the energy benchmarking way in Maryland.  As one of the first counties in the US to pass energy benchmarking legislation, it is taking cues from its DC neighbors and several other cities throughout the country.  The county will have a phase in process to give large buildings included under this law time to prepare.

  • County-owned buildings will first report on June 1, 2015.
  • Commercial buildings 250,000 square feet and larger will first report in December 2016.
  • Commercial buildings 50,000 square feet and larger will report in December 2017.

With this benchmarking law and a new PACE program, Montgomery County hopes to increase interest and action to create and operate more energy efficient buildings.

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