Increase Water Efficiency with bathroom fixture upgrade

Increase Water Efficiency by Upgrading Bathroom Fixtures

Increase Water Efficiency by Upgrading Bathroom Fixtures

While sometimes water seems infinite with vast oceans and free flowing faucets, water is a finite resource.  Of all the water on the Earth’s surface, only about one percent is obtainable for us to drink.   That one percent must be shared among a growing global population. Therefore, water conservation is essential to ensure that everyone is able to share in this resource that is vital to all life.

Water conservation not only has a global impact, it can greatly impact your building or home.  Water efficiency means lower water bills, lower energy bills, and possible recognition for your stewardship through “green” awards, such as LEED and ENERGY STAR.

You can play a major role in reducing the amount of water people use in the building.  Creating a “green” team and a “green” culture in your building can get people engaged in your efforts for a more water efficient building.   While sometimes it can be difficult to change people’s habits, you can start to curb the amount of water occupants consume by changing the fixtures they use.

So how much water can be saved by changing out fixtures?

Let’s look at the amount of water used by bathroom fixtures in an office building.  For this example, we are looking at an office building with 500 occupants, 300 males and 200 females.  There are a total of 35 toilets, 15 urinals, and 30 lavatory faucets in the building.


You can use 63% less water by upgrading a 3.5 gpf toilet to 1.28 gpf toilet or use 20% less water by upgrading a 1.6 gpf toilet to 1.28 toilet.If all of the 35 3.5 gpf toilets are upgraded to 1.28 gpf toilets, 63% less water will be used per flush, which is over 430,000 gallons of water saved in a year.


You can use 87% less water per flush when you upgrade 1.0 gpf urinal with 0.125 gpf urinalIf all 15 1.0 gpf urinals are upgraded to pint flush (0.125 gpf) urinals, 87% less water will be used per flush, which is over 34,000 gallons of water less a year.


You can use 77% less water when you upgrade 2.2 gpm faucet (or aerator) with 0.5 gpm faucet (or aerator) If all of the faucets, or at least all the aerators, are upgraded from 2.2 gpm to 0.5 gpm faucets, 77% less water will be used per minute, which could total as much as 330,000 gallons of water saved in a year.

With all of these upgrades, this building could use almost 800,000 gallons less water a year!  That means they could save in excess of $12,000 a year!

The quantity of exact gallons that can be saved will vary from building to building depending on occupancy, hours of operation, number of visitors, number of fixtures and frequency of fixture use.

If you are interested in  further exploring what these types of upgrades could mean for your building, get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help you find the best water efficiency solution for your building. 

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