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More Efficient Water Heaters: New Energy Standards for 2015

More Efficient Water Heaters: New Energy Standards for 2015

With new regulations from the DOE, water heaters on the market are going to be more efficient.  By April 16, 2015 residential water heater manufacturers will be required to only produce water heaters that meet new Energy Factor (EF) standards as laid out in the amended National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA).

Regulations currently apply to the manufacturing of residential water heaters, which means that older models can still be sold, purchased, and installed.  However, stricter regulations on installation or commercial water heaters could be following.

To meet the new EF ratings, some water heaters are being redesigned.  While the changes can affect the cost of compliant water heaters as well as their installation costs, these new water heaters can save energy, and therefore, money.

To learn more, visit the DOE’s website or Bradford White’s, a leading water heater manufacturer.

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