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Why Choose a MSCA GreenSTAR

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Hydrojetting a Pipeline

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Plumbing Tip

sump pump and rain - plumbing tip

Sump Pump and Rain

At the beginning of any rainy season, you should check to make sure your sump pump is functioning properly.  If your sump pump system is setup with backup power (battery or emergency power), you need to check to make sure it is ready when you need it the most.   An ineffective sump pump could mean flooding in your home or building since the rain water will have no other place to go.

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Emergency Repair to Return Water Service

Key Characteristics: Emergency Service; Damaged Water Main Challenge: While a company was performing work on the streets of DC, they accidently hit and damaged a water main.  Not only did this impede their work, but it also affected all of the homes and businesses serviced by that main. Solution: W. L. Gary Company was called…

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