Case Studies of Plumbing and HVAC Servics

Case Studies

Our clients seek our assistance because they know W. L. Gary Company will find a solution for the challenge they are facing.  See how we have helped our service customers.

Diverting Over 300 Gallons of Water to Clean Discharge Line

Key Characteristics

  • Hydrojetting
  • Blockage in drain line
  • Diverting hundreds of gallons of water

Video Inspection Discovers Source of Ongoing Sewage Stoppage

Key Characteristics

  • Video inspection
  • Ongoing sewage stoppage
  • Minimal interference with building operation

Saving Energy with a New VFD Booster Pump System

Key Characteristics

  • VFD booster pump
  • Saving Energy
  • Saving Money

Saving a Hotel Money with a Carefully Scheduled Repair

Key Characteristics

  • Performing a repair to alleviate the high costs produced by a leaking heat exchanger valve
  • Working with customer’s schedule to find the most opportune time for them
  • Planning ahead to perform task in set time frame

A Permanent Solution During Operational Hours

Sealing off workspaceKey Characteristics

  • Problem drains and sewer line
  • Providing solution while not disrupting business
  • Video inspection

Keeping the Research Going During the Renovation of a Laboratory

Renovated LabKey Characteristics

  • Uninterrupted work flow
  • Renovated lab

Emergency Repair to Return Water Service

Key Characteristics

  • Emergency Service
  • Damaged Water Main

Energy Action

HVAC Checkup - Energy Awareness

HVAC Checkup

Machines run smoother when they are maintained.  A preventative maintenance plan means lower operational costs (as much as 50% compared to reactive maintenance) and a more efficient HVAC system, which means lower energy bills (as much as 20%).

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