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Service Department

Fred LagoService Manager, 41 years in the industry

Angela, Service Coordinator, 25 years in the industry
Amy, Service Coordinator, 1 year in the industry
Beth, Purchase Order Coordinator, 9 years in the industry
DanielleService Coordinator, 5 years in the industry 
JohnBilling Coordinator, 2 years in the industry
MahletBilling Coordinator, 23 years in the industry

Service Technicians

Service TechniciansMeet our Plumbing and HVAC Techs

Customer Consultants

Jerry, Customer Consulting ManagerJerry Kackley

Customer Consulting Manager
27 years in the industry

Ernie A, Plumbing Service Customer Consultant - W. L. Gary CompanyErnie Anastasi

Customer Consultant
16 years in the industry

Tommy L - Customer Consultant, Mechanical Contractor W. L. Gary CompanyTommy Lago

Customer Consultant
20 years in the industry

Anthony, Plumbing Tech, W. L. Gary CompanyAnthony Quade

Customer Consultant
14 years in the industry

Robert, Customer Consultant,  W. L. Gary CompanyRobert Hopkins

Customer Consultant
15 years in the industry

Tony, Customer Consultant, W. L. Gary Company

Tony Ero

Customer Consultant
29 years in the industry

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Energy Action

Beware of Vampires - Energy Awareness

Beware of Vampires

Vampire power refers to the amount of energy electronic devices consume while off or in standby mode.  Unplug these devices or plug them into a power strip and turn off the power to it when you are not using the devices.  You could save about $100 a year on energy.

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Emergency Repair to Return Water Service

Key Characteristics: Emergency Service; Damaged Water Main Challenge: While a company was performing work on the streets of DC, they accidently hit and damaged a water main.  Not only did this impede their work, but it also affected all of the homes and businesses serviced by that main. Solution: W. L. Gary Company was called…

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