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W. L. Gary Brings Proven Energy Efficiency Solution to Customers through New Partnership with Transformative Wave

W. L. Gary Brings Proven Energy Efficiency Solution to Customers through New Partnership with Transformative Wave

W. L. Gary Company, Inc., a MSCA GreenSTAR contractor in Washington, DC, is proud to announce that they are officially an Affiliate Partner of Transformative Wave, the developer of the CATALYST, North American’s leading rooftop unit (RTU) retrofit product.  As an Affiliate Partner of Transformative Wave, W. L. Gary Company is a certified reseller and installer of CATALYST in the Washington Metropolitan area.

The CATALYST is a complete HVAC energy efficiency upgrade and retrofit kit that can be installed on currently operational RTUs to reduce HVAC energy usage by 25 to 50%. A sustainable alternative to expensive RTU replacement, the CATALYST assures proper ventilation, maximizes the use of outside air for free cooling beyond standard economizer logic, and reduces fan energy use by an average of 69%.

The CATALYST was part of a two year study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) through Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).  The CATALYST was installed on 66 existing RTUs at different building types in 4 different climate zones.  The field trials showed the CATALYST produced an average savings of 57 percent.  (Read the full study here.)

Lindsey Dowd, a Customer Consultant at W. L. Gary Company, recently attended Transformative Wave’s 1st Annual Affiliate Meeting.  “Spending time at the affiliate meeting further confirmed why we partnered with Transformative Wave,” expressed Dowd.  “Like W. L. Gary Company, Transformative Wave is a customer-focused company.  Their CATALYST technology provides a proven solution for us to offer to our customers.  Installing this retrofit will assist our customers in conquering the challenge of balancing tenant comfort with building efficiency.  We are excited to bring the CATALYST to the DC Metro market!”

Todd Cowles, Transformative Wave’s Vice President, Indirect Sales commented, “Transformative Wave is excited to have formed a partnership with W. L. Gary Company for implementing our solutions in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.  Beyond their capabilities and their ability to provide the highest quality service, they’ve been around more than 100 years and are very involved with their community.  All of this adds up to an ideal long-term partner for our company.”

Transformative Wave affiliate partnerTo learn more about CATALYST,  Read “CATALYST: An RTU Retrofit Solution” or contact the service department.


About Transformative Wave

Since 2009, Transformative Wave has been committed to developing, and bringing to market a growing line of energy saving and environmentally responsible products and services. For more information, visit their website at

About W. L. Gary Company, Inc.

Founded more than a century ago, W. L. Gary Company, Inc. is one of the oldest plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning providers in the Washington, DC area.  This family owned and family operated business is known for its high quality workmanship and attention to detail.  The company’s mission is to provide solutions for their customers, opportunity for their partners, and support for their community.  W. L. Gary Company has been recognized as a MSCA GreenSTAR Contractor for its work in energy savings and stewardship.  For more information about W. L. Gary Company, Inc. visit their website at

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